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Mobile Wifi Rental

What is the battery usage time of the equipment?
Can it be charged via USB?
What should I do if the equipment is not functioning?
What will be the coverage area for the Mobile Wifi?

Pickup & Return

Where can I pick up the equipment?
When I pick up in Airport Post Office, what kind of document that I need to present to get my rental items?
How to return the equipment?
Where can I find the post box for the return?

Rental Period Extension

Can I extend the rental period?
By when I can extend my rental period?
What will be the charges for the rental extension?


How to cancel my reservation?
How much do I need to pay for cancellation?

Damage and Loss of Equipment

What should I do if I have lost the mobile wifi equipment?
How much I need to pay if I lost the mobile wifi equipment?
Do you provide Insurance for the mobile wifi equipment?